We are all "Family" at my Swinger's Parties!

Having grown up in a nudist family and enjoying the nudust lifestyle, I quickly found myself at a young age enjoying being naked. I never gave it a second thought that nudity wasn't natural. I have always been open with my nakedness and actually enjoy being naked as much as I can. In my younger days, I would show myself off to my brothers just to see them get hard. We would masturbate in my bedroom and all watch each other cum. I would parade around the house naked in front of my parents and their friends. Now I continue living a totally "open nudity" lifestyle by staying naked in front of my friends, family and other couples. We all masturbate, fuck and share oral sex together quite frequently. Even my own relatives enjoy watching us masturbate and fuck in front of each other in our back yard. Nancy watches a Hubby jack off
Nancy watches Hubby jack off.

Oral sex with all my Family!

Nancy sucks a young realtives dick
Nancy sucks off a younger relative at swinger's party.
This is my Step-Son and he among others like my brothers is always one of the "regulars" at our Swinging Family sex parties. We have been swinging with most of these guys for over 30 years now. These lovely gentlemen all love to participate in sex related games such as strip poker, spin the bottle and so on. We also play other "board" games and change the rules so everyone must remove an article of clothing everytime he or she loses. Soon, there are hard cocks every where so I swing into action and begin giving blow jobs to the fellas. One by one, I suck them all off, swallowing their cum and giving them the opportunity to give me oral sex or fuck me if they wish. To no one's surprise, all of them love eating and fucking my pussy or ass. And to everybody's delight, we all have sex out in front of the rest of the family so everybody can enjoy the steamy action!

The guys in my FAMILY enjoy my pussy

One of the great things about having sex with my hubby and our friends and family is that I don't ever worry who sees me fucking or who fucks me at our parties. The guys that are active with me all do it because they want me and feel attracted to me. I admit that I make it easy by getting naked in front of them all the time and playing with my pussy out in the open. Many of them get so excited that they often blow their wads before they can even get their cocks in my pussy. Many of the younger guys in my family have lost their virginity in my big hairy snatch. It is so much fun teaching and helping these young guys along in their sex lives and being their pussy of choice when they want sex. My pussy was meant to take on lot's of young hard dick. Nancy masturbating for the boys
Nancy masturbates openly in front of her family

Panty Hose, Underwear and Kinky Foreplay!

Step Son jacks off on Nancy's Tits
Step-Son jacks off on Nancy's Tits!
Of all the guys in my life, my always horny "Step-Son" is the most active of the bunch. He used to live with us but now has his own place but this young man has been chasing my pussy almost every day for over 15 years! I don't have to get undressed in front of him to get his motor running, he is always horny and ready. We get naked together and enjoy watching each other masturbate. We are also very "oral" with each other. I like giving him blow jobs then forcing him to blast his loads all over my face and tits. He likes eating my pussy but really likes using his tongue to clean my ass hole after I poop. He rubs his face in my crotch and ass before going off to work and cums home horny and hard for more. What a guy and he is a great FUCK! He sure knows how to keep "Mom" happy especially when he is on top of me with his young hard meat all the way deep in my hairy pussy.

Nymph Nancys Big Hairy Pussy!
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Nymph Nancys Big Hairy Pussy!
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